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Carpet & Vinyl Care

Carpet and Rug - General Cleaning.

Stain resistant carpets Doncaster .jpgThe best way to retain the look of your new carpet or rug is through regular vacuuming, at least twice a week. This prevents grit and dirt at the base of the pile accumulating and becoming abrasive which can lead to increased wear and tear.

Carpet and Rug - Spills and Stains.

The basic rule for dealing with spills and stains is to act fast. Gently dab the excess spill with a paper towel or a clean white cloth, never rub as this can spread the stain and damage the pile. Once the stain is contained, work from the outside edge to the centre of the stain using the appropriate carpet cleaner. Avoid soaking the affected area as this can cause the stain to spread.

Always read the label of any cleaning products as some harsh cleaners will remove the colour from your carpet leaving much worse marks. It is always a good idea to try the carpet cleaner on a inconspicuous part of your room prior to using on the stain. 

Once the carpet is clean, blot up any excess liquid with paper towels and allow to dry, if you find that some of the stain is still visible repeat the process until it is removed.

If the stain proves difficult to remove you should consider calling a professional cleaning company, most companies will call out to do a spot clean for a small charge.  

Vinyl Flooring - Maintenance Guide.

Regularly sweep the floor with a soft brush to remove grit as this prevents scratches, extra care must be taken if you use a vacuum cleaner. Wipe the floor with a clean cloth or mop, which should be rinsed frequently in clean water. ( Remember floors can be slippery when wet ).

When cleaning use a solution of clean water and mild detergent or domestic floor cleaning solution. Rinse thoroughly and soak up any excess water.

Spot marks and all spillages should be wiped up as soon as possible.

Cushioned floors that have an additional protective coating such as Armstrong Rhinoguard or Rhino Grip, do not require any additional polish. Other cushioned floors without these coatings can be polished to protect the floor's surface from staining agents and to give a surface shine.

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