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Full House Carpet Deals

Carpet with a Full House Deal…

Don’t miss our popular full house carpet deals if you are looking to carpet your whole house.

All deals are based on 80 Square Meters of carpet supplied and fitted. If your property is slightly bigger, or you would prefer vinyl flooring in the kitchen or bathroom, we can adjust the price accordingly. At Surefit Carpets, everything is tailored to you.

We have a huge range of different full house deals to cater for every individual, every type of house and every budget. We even offer deals which are specifically tailored to landlords who are looking to carpet their properties for the best price. The flooring options they include are considered hard-wearing and long-lasting carpet that can withstand whatever your tenants throw at it!

We have a range of carpet deals that suit home-owners too. If you want to spruce up your whole home, this is the best way to do it. Our full house carpet deals range from ‘bronze’ through to ‘luxury’ so you can give your home a new look no matter what budget you’re working with. The different deals include a range of underlay options and thicknesses, door bars and adhesives and free fitting.

If you’re interested in one of our whole house carpet deals, simply get in touch with Surefit Carpets today.

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