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It can all be a bit confusing when it comes to choosing your new carpet, with so many different types and styles to choose from.

At Surefit we have a massive selection of carpets to browse through, so you are sure to find the perfect carpet!


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Carpets to suit all budgets from cheaper quality twist pile and
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We will fit all carpets purchased from us and offer a 2 year fitting guarantee to give you extra peace of mind.

Cant decide between a Bleach cleanable carpets or a traditional 80/20 wool carpet? – We are happy to explain the benefits and find you the best option!

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Carpet FAQs

At Surefit we have lots of Carpet samples to choose from and most of our suppliers offer multi widths and next working day delivery so sometimes it can be cheaper to choose the perfect (colour matching carpet) and then order the exact amount required for you room.

The most cost effective way to buy yourself a new carpet is to buy carpet roll-ends, also known as REMs (or carpet remnants) in the carpet fitting trade. This is a small roll of carpet, usually slightly larger than a room, so most roll-ends would be suitable for fitting carpet in a single room, but you should always measure your room and then check the size of the REM before making a purchase.

You can save a considerable amount on carpeting your room if you can drop on a carpet roll-end that is the correct size and colour etc, most carpet shops will have these on display on their premises, at Surefit Carpets we keep a constant stock of REMs at our carpets and flooring warehouse in Doncaster.

Choosing the “best” carpet will depend upon the characteristics and style you desire from a carpet, taking into account your budget and the durability of the material.

Polypropylene is quickly becoming the most popular type of carpet material due to its cheap production costs and stain-resistant properties. It also provides the durability of a nylon carpet whilst being easier to clean.

Thick piled luxury wool carpets have long been considered the elite in terms of under-foot comfort, whilst the cleaning and maintenance of these carpets does take a little more work than their synthetic counterparts.

When it comes to style the best carpet is going to be one that compliments your interior colour choices or comes to life with a geometric/floral design, depending upon your taste.

The price of a carpet can vary depending upon the manufacturer and the materials used.

  • Cheap Berber carpets from £ 3.99 Sq Mtr
  • Nylon / twist carpets from £ 7.99 Sq Mtr
  • Polyproylene stain-resistant / Bleach-cleanable carpets from £ 4.99 Sq Mtr
  • 80/20 wool carpets from £20 Sq Mtr
  • 100% wool carpets from £20 Sq Mtr
  • Super luxury saxony Carpets from £25 Sq Mtr
  • REMs or Roll ends from £20 each

Fitting a carpet can take around 1 hour for a standard room, depending on the size of the room and whether any furniture has to be moved in order to lay the carpet.

Hall stairs landing carpets can take 2-3 Hours depending on the layout with winder stairs or wrap around stairs being more time consuming.

We can fit a full house of carpets in under a day, but it may take the majority of the day so it’s best to set a day aside if you are wanting one of our full house deals.

Commercial flooring jobs can take considerably longer but we will generally plan this in with the business and we can offer after hours fitting times on a evening or at weekend to save disruption etc.

It all depends on the quality of the carpet – You should probably aim to replace budget carpets every 5 to 10 years to keep them vibrant and fresh. Vacuuming regularly, about twice a week, will help to keep your carpet in better shape for longer.

Top quality Axminster carpets can last for 20-30 years if they are looked after and hoovered regular

Carpets in high foot traffic areas will need replacing sooner and remember that carpets that have a lot of trodden in dirt will deteriorate quicker so it is best to clean carpets regularly.